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The race to a race-free world....

patrick_vecchio has a great take on the persistence of racist barriers in America over at 5th_estate. The following is my comment on that thread, xposted here for those who might miss the 5e exchange otherwise.
Some of this is obviously bad - very bad - despite the fact that a question like "If I ask to see the manager of a store, I can be reasonably sure that person will be of the same race as I am?" is reflective of basic demographic math than it is racism. With that one, I find myself wanting to explore deeper, instead asking whether we have evidence anywhere on the planet of a minority population comprising 15% or less of the total being treated in a genuinely equal fashion. If we do, then we have a model. If we don't, then it's not promising for blacks, is it?

I also try to take some heart in the fact that, as far as we still have to go, the US has at least shown some general interest in getting it right compared to other cultures. I've been following the whole racism in Euro football issue for awhile now - I'm a big soccer fan and watch as much English, Italian, German and Spanish league football as I can - and it's really true that as bad as racism is in the US, it's a damned sight worse over there.

I first realized something was up in 2000 when we were in Italy and I saw swastikas spray-painted in a number of public spots. More recently there have been a series of well-publicized stories, including:
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So it looks like Google is going to have to turn website and search data over to the Evil Empire the Justice Department.

The judge in the case however, isn't going to make us Google totally bend over and take it. The amount of data to be turned over is a mere whisper of what was demanded. And the judge states that he is very aware of an expectation of privacy by Google's users and is hesitant to let the feds romp amongst our meager attempts to find new porn.

Still, it would be fitting justice, if the 5000 searches sent to the DOJ were comprised primarily of "Fuck the Justice Department". I feel a movement coming on.

I must point out though that the Image Search for "fuck you justice department" (sans quotes;SafeSearch off) is positively obscene. ;)

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Gordon Parks, RIP

I wish we were hearing more about the passing of Gordon Parks, who was truly one of the legends of American journalism (photo- or otherwise). AP's obit hits the high spots, though.
Gordon Parks Dies at 93
03.08.2006, 04:31 AM

Gordon Parks' groundbreaking journey from poor high-school dropout to black pioneer left a legacy of stark and unblinking photographs, genre-forging movies, novels, poetry, music and even a ballet.

"I think most people can do a whole awful lot more if they just try," Parks told The Associated Press in 2000. "They just don't have the confidence that they can write a novel or they can write poetry or they can take pictures or paint or whatever, and so they don't do it, and they leave the planet dissatisfied with themselves."
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Camille, Larry, and the battle for the soul of higher ed

A lot of academics don't like Camille Paglia. There's a certain academic Leftist orthodoxy that scholars in the "social sciences" and Humanities are expected to toe, and those willing to question certain assumptions risk paying with their careers. Paglia can get away with it at this stage of her career, but a lot of younger academics - specifically, those who don't yet have tenure - keep a lot of what they think to themselves. I don't know how many, of course, but I've had the subject come up in enough personal conversations that I'm convinced it's a significant number.

For my part, I'm not much afraid of ideas, so "Leftist" doesn't bother me in the least. However, "orthodoxy" troubles me greatly, be it Left, Right, Christian, Atheist, or whatever. I never stop testing ideas - especially those closest to my heart and mind - and I get nervous in the presence of large groups of people who have stopped subjecting their own principles to the same scrutiny they apply to others.

So I'm sure Paglia is taking a whipping somewhere in the academic world tonight after her NY Times op-ed on the hounding out of office resignation of Harvard president Lawrence Summers. Collapse )

[THX: Cody Barstow at Mojo City News]
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The Bush administration's War on Liberty (or, Whatever happened to conservatism?)

Your assignment today: read this bit on the "Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004," and think about it.
The draft lays out how some 60,000 already strapped town and county offices must keep the birth and death records under lock and key and report all document requests to Washington. Individuals who show up in person will still be able to obtain their own birth certificates, and in some cases, the birth and death records of an immediate relative; and “legitimate” research institutions may be able to access files. But reporters and activists won’t be allowed to fish through records; many family members looking for genetic clues will be out of luck; and people wanting to trace adoptions will dead-end. If you are homeless and need your own birth certificate, forget it: no address, no service.
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Hey all.  Sorry to say, but I'm moving on to an independent blog and, hopefully, more exposure (as either a clever weisenheimer or a shallow asshat, remains to be seen).  JfH will remain here at LJ, and all are welcome to join and post.  I'll stop in from time to time.

When I get the new blog underway, I'll post a link here.  Thanks for your readership and your support!

Exclusive interview

You know, we're all full of piss and vinegar at Dick Cheney for not talking to the press after his little hunting accident... when are we going to hear from God about all the religious insanity going on?  The least he could do is a couple minutes on CSPAN or something.  Maybe he can do a few minutes with Brit Hume.  Bear with me here...

(cue dramatic music with FOX News logo swoop-in; fade into Hume's smiling mug overlaid with BRIT HUME: SPECIAL REPORT; cut to live shot of Hume with spectral being in adjacent seat)
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They passed on Bork but kept this ass?

You are an idiot if you believe the Constitution should change as society changes.  So says Cheney fishing buddy and supreme arbiter of justice, Antonin Scalia.

Supporters of a flexible constitution "want [the right to abortion or homosexuality] to be embedded from coast to coast and to be unchangeable," says the extremely private judge, whose nomination to the high court was approved by the Senate in 1986, 98-0.

Yeah, that's all we want, Scalia, an America soaked with the blood of aborted fetuses and the seminal fluids of rampaging queers.  It's up to you to preserve the puritanical soul of our wayward nation from hordes of depraved liberals.  Only the mindset of the framers—licentious, aristocratic, slave-owning, chauvinist Caucasians though they were—is what counts when discerning the meaning of constitutional provisions.  Whatever.  Based on his assertions, it's not hard to envision Scalia gleefully ruling with the Taney court against Dred Scott or vociferously dissenting against the majority in Brown vs. Board of Education.

I judge Scalia to be a cretinous, narrow-minded, loathsome toad.  And an idiot.